At INCASA, we are convinced that environmental and social responsibility is a key factor for success. Therefore, all our facilities comply with current norms for control and waste reduction. The environmental heath and security of our surroundings, our neighbours and of our employees is important to us; for this reason, we take active initiatives for the prevention of any possible environmental risks.

INCASA is one of the first European companies to obtain the ECOLABEL certification for a complete range of household cleaning products and detergents for the domestic environment. With this label, the raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, distribution and disposal, EU Ecolabel products are evaluated by independent experts to ensure they meet criteria that reduce their environmental impact.

The Ecological Label ECOLABEL is framed within the political strategy of the EUROPEAN UNION (EU) to promote the responsible manufacturing and consumption of consumer products.

The symbol employed by ECOLABEL is the FLOWER whose presence on products allows consumers of the most sustainable products, in environmental terms, to easily identify them at the point of sale.

The approval process for ECOLABEL for any product demands:

  • the application of strict and restrictive criteria for environmental impact, and
  • a high level of efficiency in producing the product in its area of use.

This is the case for all of the products that incorporate the ECOLABEL FLOWER on their label, indicating that they have passed all the initial environmental criteria established by the European Union and were subsequently tested in independent laboratories.

Leader in Private Brands

INCASA is one of the leading private brands suppliers in Europe. We supply and continuously develop products for large and medium sized retailers seeking to market high quality products under their own brand. Learn more

Quality and Environment

ecolabel-logoWe comply with international quality and environmental management standards such as ISO 9001 (2012), the EU Ecolabel (2007) and the BRC Global Standards. We are a Member of the A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning and we are in the process of obtaining the ISO 14000 and the International Food Standard (IFS). Learn more

Product compositions

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INDUSTRIAS CATALÀ, S.A.("INCASA") is a manufacturer of household cleaners, detergents, wipes and
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