Who places their trust in INCASA?

The vast majority of the major retailers with presence in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and the United Kingdom have already placed their trust in INCASA as a key manufacturer for Retail Brand products (or private brands).

At INCASA we consider our clients to be one of our company's most important assets and we strive to maximise their profits by offering them a real competitive advantage in the market through complete solutions with high added value.

INCASA aspires to be more than a supplier of the major retailers; we look for a real long-term partnership to take place with our clients.

10 reasons to choose INCASA as your Private brand supplier


  1. We believe in the continuous innovation of our products;
  2. With our global and integrated service approach we aim to offer a real competitive advantage to our clients;
  3. We work on a daily basis to reduce any environmental impact our activity may have;
  4. Thanks to our flexibility and proven ability to adapt, our company is fully equipped to provide solutions for all our clients ´requirements;
  5. We are a company with an international vision, in constant growth and backed by the stability of a family managed company;
  6. We like to keep in contact with our clients and offer them solutions to their problems;
  7. We respect our surroundings, our clients, our suppliers as well as our workers and partners;
  8. We optimise our resources to the maximum in order to achieve end products which can be marketed at a fair price to the end consumer;
  9. We reinvest our profits into the organisation and new jobs instead of seeking only profits maximisation, and
  10. We measure our success in the satisfaction of all our clients and of the final consumers.


Logistical efficiency has become essential to operate our business in an optimal way. For this reason, we have in place the specific equipment and the means to offer our clients comprehensive logistic solutions which enables us to be truly competitive.

INCASA has a central warehouse in Barcelona and a logistic platform in Zaragoza. In France and Italy, we have logistic partners who allow us access to access different clients with an integrated proposals fully adapted to their needs.

INCASA performs a complete logistic study from the product development stage. We work to ensure that our packaging reduces transport expenses and the resulting CO2 emissions. Following the implementation of our logistical efficiency policy, we have reduced greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the transport of our products by 15%.


As part of INCASA's general policy framework and as a manufacturer of household cleaning and personal care products, one of our main objectives is the maintenance and improvement of a Quality Management System, implemented and documented in accordance to Regulation UNE/EN/ISO/9001:2012.

Accordingly, INCASA endeavours at both the internal and external level to maintain the following commitments:

  • Effective Communication: effectively collect and transmit the needs and specifications of our Clients;
  • Evaluation of the degree of satisfaction of the client: including finding out if they are achieving the desired profits;
  • Motivation: achieve a constant improvement in the quality and reliability of our products, promoting and boosting participation, of our staff, our suppliers and business partners;
  • Training and commitment: achieve an optimum degree of motivation and self control, ensuring that all our staff are fully aware of their duties and have the necessary resources at both a technical level and organisational level;
  • Self analysis and constant improvement: in order to guarantee that the provisions included in our Quality Manual operates correctly, through a system of internal audits, analysis of the non-conformities, using errors as a starting point to determine and eliminate their causes and avoid their repetition;
  • Fulfilment of all requirements associated with our activities: both legal and regulatory as well as the ones emerging from our Clients.

Private brands

INCASA supplies the most important retailers in Europe, offering them comprehensive solutions for their products ranges.

Daily contacts with major retailers over the last 30 years has allowed INCASA to offer in particular:

  • A product development and commercial team adapted to its clients;
  • An R&D department that constantly innovates and develop proposals aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our activity, and;
  • Optimum logistic solutions for each of our clients.

Leader in Private Brands

INCASA is one of the leading private brands suppliers in Europe. We supply and continuously develop products for large and medium sized retailers seeking to market high quality products under their own brand. Learn more

Quality and Environment

ecolabel-logoWe comply with international quality and environmental management standards such as ISO 9001 (2012), the EU Ecolabel (2007) and the BRC Global Standards. We are a Member of the A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning and we are in the process of obtaining the ISO 14000 and the International Food Standard (IFS). Learn more

Product compositions

See the product compositions by entering if necessary the barcode (EAN) shown on the label. Learn more

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Welcome to INCASA

INDUSTRIAS CATALÀ, S.A.("INCASA") is a manufacturer of household cleaners, detergents, wipes and
personal care products specialised in retail private labels
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