Laundry detergents

INCASA is particularly known for its wide and adaptable range of liquid laundry detergents. A wide variety that includes from general use cleaning products to very specific products for the cleanliness and hygiene all types of fabrics: bright, dark, delicate or synthetic.

We are introducing a new range of Triple Concentration Detergents whose finished product presentation includes a bottle of PET with a labelled and coloured sleeve. This more ecological range allows for significant cost savings and exceptional reduction of the environmental impact of its use:

  • 65% less CO2 in transportation;
  • 72% less plastic packaging per wash;
  • 66% less water in the product, and;
  • 75% less space occupied.

The company has started producing gel laundry products and will soon have the technology to produce competitive liquid sachets products.

Leader in Private Brands

INCASA is one of the leading private brands suppliers in Europe. We supply and continuously develop products for large and medium sized retailers seeking to market high quality products under their own brand. Learn more

Quality and Environment

ecolabel-logoWe comply with international quality and environmental management standards such as ISO 9001 (2012), the EU Ecolabel (2007) and the BRC Global Standards. We are a Member of the A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning and we are in the process of obtaining the ISO 14000 and the International Food Standard (IFS). Learn more

Product compositions

See the product compositions by entering if necessary the barcode (EAN) shown on the label. Learn more

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Welcome to INCASA

INDUSTRIAS CATALÀ, S.A.("INCASA") is a manufacturer of household cleaners, detergents, wipes and
personal care products specialised in retail private labels
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